The HydroSpa

Make body spa a daily routine for you and your family! One of the easiest, most convenient and effective way to incorporate “healing” moments with our daily bath.
A spa a day keeps sickness at bay! Doing your daily spa helps increases blood circulation, oxygen intake, warms and detoxifies our organs such as kidneys, colon, liver and lymphatic system – all through the use of water.

“Water contains healing; it is the simplest, cheapest and – if used correctly – the safest remedy.” – Sebastian Kneipp

4 Main Features of HydroSpa

Hydrotherapy Benefits

Lets you enjoy the latest in hydrotherapy in your own home every day. Combining three of nature’s most powerful elements, heat, water, and air, we offer you the convenience of a rejuvenating and relaxing in-home experience. Ease mental stress, bathe away physical fatigue, relax tense muscles and boost energy levels, while you cleanse and rejuvenate your skin.
Key Benefits

How to use the HydroSpa Machine?

1) Temperature advised to be above 38 dc

2) Put the right amount of essential oils you would like in your bath

3) Put the far infra-red mat into the bath and connect it to HydroSpa


4) Relax, soak yourself and enjoy your spa for the next 15 mins!

5) Come out of the spa relaxed, relieved of aches, warm & fresh!

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Customer Testimonials

Simon Lim

I’d severe constipation, clearing my bowels only once in 7 or 8 days with difficulty. I also had piles. Ever since I started using SG-2000, I can empty my bowels everyday. Thanks you SG-2000 for giving back my health.

Mr. Lee Poh Meng

I suffers from liver cancer. I used the SG-2000 Ultrasonic Home SPA machine daily and I’m happy that the hydrotherapy enables me to enjoy his morning walk, play table tennis and dance.

Ms. Chow

My husband suffered a 2nd time stroke and his spinal cord was injured. After 3 weeks of using the ultrasonic home spa, my husband can eat and can walk by himself. He doesn’t need to corset to support her back.